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  Dane Kryger, or better known to many as Krujay, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His appreciation of music was developed at a very young age, with both of his parents having a likeness of R&B, Pop and Jazz. Everything from Earth Wind & Fire to Michael Jackson, was constantly being played around the house, in the car, and the unique funky, soul driven tunes led himself to rehersing these records on a daily basis. He started singing and dancing along to these songs, and it was incredibly noticeable that he had a unique passion for entertaining. He always wanted to have everyone's attention, at all times, so he could show off these unique skills. Being the center of attention is what he thrived off of, and as he got older, nothing changed.

  After an unfortunate divorce that his parents went through, he found himself moving to Philadelphia, PA with his father. A few months later, his younger brother had followed, and for the next couple years, living with a single father, struggled with making ends meet. Together though, always showed a positive upside to life, and his passion for music grew as the same soul driven records were being played around the house with his father. As he got older, in Elementary School, his career as an Entertainer had begun, as both he and his brother joined the infamous "Philadelphia Boy's Choir." It was during this time that, what was once just an interest in music, became something that was practiced on a daily basis. He became a stand out member of the choir, and had the opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy to sing for Pope John Paul II before he passed away. After a couple years in the choir, both he and his brother had left. After Elementary school, hip-hop was evolving, and was being played on the radio much more often. It was because of this that he had found himself falling in love with the lyrical, rhyme play records that were being heard on the radio, and right before High School, that was pretty much all he found himself listening to.

  He started to write a few lines that would rhyme, and as he did this more often, he got better at it. He became a student of the industry, and was heavily influenced by such artists like Eminem, Notorious BIG, The Roots, Gangstarr, The Lox, Big Pun, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, EPMD and Big L to name a few. When he turned 16, his father had bought him and his brother their first 8 Track Digital Recorder, and they started to record these rhymes that were being written so often, and turned them into songs. His father had let them turn their garage into a studio, and they took great pride in having that option, as they furnished it, and it became their first official recording studio.

  High School had brought some turmoil though, as he found himself getting into trouble often. Experimenting with drugs, fighting, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. However, music had always put him in the right place and mind set, and he knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He would record his songs, and than share it with friends, and after numerous compliments from friends and others, that had the chance to hear his sound, he became a local music sensation. At this time of his life, he resided in Audubon, PA, and there were a couple other local musical acts and groups that were on the same page as himself. He ended up befriending some of these other musicians, and for the rest of High School, they would hang out, record music, and continue to pursue their dreams. He was young though still, and didn't quite understand the business side of the industry; but he knew that just making these songs, and sharing it with friends, wouldn't be enough, and he knew that he needed to find a way to get his music out of the local scene into the eyes and ears of people in the industry already.

  After High School, his most important life-changing experience was about to happen, and that was the birth of his daughter Jordan. He became a father at 19 years of age, and everything that was important to him before, was placed on the back burner, so he could direct all of his attention to being a father. He was young; but he was in love with the idea of being there for his child at all times, and that's exactly what he would do. During the first year of his daughter being born, he would continue to write music, and ended up meeting a producer locally, who had a well known recording studio in his area. It was at this point, that he was about to take his career to the next level.

  He started to record music routinely, and ended up recording enough songs to put together an unofficial mixtape that he wanted to put online for the public to hear. He called the mixtape "Critical Breakdown." During this time of recording these songs, he became close friends with another musician who had lived right across the street from him. He called himself Eazy the Block Captain, and they finished the rest of his "Critical Breakdown" mixtape together.

  At this time, he was living in Norristown, PA, and he had developed a nice local buzz throughout the city, and became one of the most well respected emcee's in town. He had his first chance to perform in front of a crowd in one of the most notorious local clubs in the city, and the feedback was incredibly positive. It seemed that he and his music was very well liked, and they wanted to know what was next for the young musician.

  About a year after the birth of his daughter he had met Vaughn Belfield aka V-Roc. Mr.Belfield was a local DJ, and after being passed Krujay's mixtape, was very impressed and became very interested in teaming up, and offered to manage Krujay. That's exactly what happened, Mr.Belfield had a lot of experience in the industry already, used to be an emcee himself and had made a few connections with people in the business that he thought could help out as well. After teaming up, a couple months later, V-Roc had set up a few noticeable performances for Krujay to introduce himself. Opening for well known acts such as Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Omillio Sparks, Jakk Frost and others. It seemed that this was just the beginning to what seemed like quite a promising step into the music industry.

  They continued to show their faces everywhere possible on the East Coast. Traveling everywhere from Philly to New Jersey to New York to perform and meet with others that would potentially help guide them into the next step. They linked up with another local producer, Caino Beatz, and not too long after, Krujay along with V-Roc Entertainment, produced their first official mixtape called "PrepAIRED." Due to the buzz that Krujay created in the local hip-hop scene, "PrepAIRED" was one of the most highly anticipated mixtapes, and once released online, it immedietly started getting recognition. The tape featured other well respected Philadelphia emcee's, like Rich Quick, Nico The Beast, Eazy the Block Captain, Monk da Monsta, and others, and made its way around the mixtape circuit. This led to other performace opportunities on the East Coast performing alongside artists such as Joe Budden, E-Ness, and Gillie Da Kid to name a few.

  As the mixtape continued to gain buzz, Krujay released a few other singles in between, and teamed up with Jack Nine Films to create a visual for a few of the records. Not too long after, Krujay released his first official music video and continued to create a few others to compliment some of the new singles that were being released. He started to get some recognition on the online hip-hop community, and some of the most well respected blogs picked up his content. Including, but not limited to, HipHopSince1987, YO Raps,, and many others. This grew his buzz quickly, and he became one of the most interesting artists to come out of the Philadelphia area.

  In 2013, he had the opportunity to collab with one of his favorite personal artists on a record, Bronx Native's own Fred the Godson, to create the street anthem, "Crunch Time." The record did incredibly well, and the East Coast duo delivered successfully. During the next few months, Krujay had a few meetings with different labels about his recent success and the possibility of singing; but the outcome was Krujay deciding to continue his career as an independent artist. He teamed up with Philadelphia producer MerkedOutBeatz, and together they created his first official single, "Tonight (I Know)", to be released on iTunes and all other major online music stores. After releasing the record, he joined the infamous NubTV to create a visual for the record, and his success as a independent artist continued to grow.

  That same year, he downloaded a phone app called "Vine." He would soon find out that this app would change his life completely, as he began to create funny, cute and relatable videos that would very quickly gain notoriety. Vine is a 6 second, looping, video app that was created by Twitter, and has, in the past couple years, grew to over 100 million users. These videos that he created became some of the most popular, trending videos on the app, which created a huge following for him. He would soon find out that his video's were being shared all across the internet, and some business opportunities came about because of the success of these videos. Till this day, Krujay continues to create these videos, and his following grows on a daily basis.

  With the buzz that was created using Vine, Krujay released a couple other singles on iTunes, and the success of the records were due highly to his loyal support group from the phone app. He continues to write and record more music, with aspirations of getting the right opportunity to pursue. Till than, you can find Krujay on all social networks, watch his videos online, and continue to support his dream of becoming a successful entertainer.

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